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Postdate : 2012-12-03

 The patient group. Duties and responsibilities. 


1. Providing diagnostic tests and medical therapy patients with psychiatric, mental for health.

2. Coordinate on multidisciplinary team involved in the special. To the diagnostic and medical treatment for therapy.

3. Counseling for health and psychiatric with patients. Their relatives and the general public.

4. Developed psychiatric and mental health services provided by the HA and quality standards ISO.

5. Developed psychiatric and mental health services to the quality standard levels Supra Tertiary.

6. Development of knowledge technologies psychiatric and mental health. The organization of learning.

7. Development of competencies and management of human resources to support the mission and vision of the hospital.

8. Development of an information system to effectively.

Department of psychological. Duties and responsibilities.

 1. Provide of psychological and of Mental Health diagnostic.

2. Provide treatment and rehabilitation of psychological.

3. Provide of academic cognitive of psychology and mental health. Psychological development.

4. To the development all academic staff and the of psychological continuous there. And the modern advancements.

5. Cooperate liaise on related agencies. Both internal and exterior hospitals.

Social Work Duties and responsibilities.

Thorough history interviews with the patients and Their relatives. As for social diagnosis. And medical therapy.

1. Screened those at risk of committing suicide. So as to assist further

2. Psychiatric social work provider for patients, with economic, family and social.

3. Provider Psychiatric social work in the community, both on and off the field. home visits, preparing families before selling, to patientsreturn home.

4. Coordination social resources, both government and private sectors, In providing to patient, families and communities.

5. Team in the treatment of Psychiatric the patients and social.

6. Research studies to improve the service, the social work Department., and knowledge mental health.

7. To social rehabilitation of the individual, the groups for patients and their relatives.

Department of Pharmacy Duties and responsibilities.

1. Provides pharmaceuticals care for the clients to be secure and quickly.

2. Management system medical supplies provide adequate, High quality and suitable on the context of the hospital.

3. nformation, analysis and synthesize the Psychiatry drug information. Useful and distribution to clients.

4. Operation supported and coordination of pharmacy, with agencies both the government and private.



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