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Postdate : 2013-02-14


Department of Pharmacy Duties and responsibilities.

1. Provides pharmaceuticals care for the clients to be secure and quickly.
2. Management system medical supplies provide adequate, High quality and suitable on the context of the hospital.
3. Information, analysis and synthesize the Psychiatry drug information. Useful and distribution to clients.
4. Operation supported and coordination of pharmacy, with agencies both the government and private.

Department  of Laws Psychiatry Duties and responsibilities.

1. Provide treatment and diagnosis of the patient, Or suspected of patients with psychiatric disorders, whether the accused was the victim plaintiffs or defendants.
2. Testify with the inquiry official. Or testify as witness the court. About the patient.
3.  Provide therapy forensic psychiatric patients, according to the justice system department for treatment.
4. Provides therapy forensic psychiatric patients by order of the Court of due to secure procedures.
5. Provides therapy forensic psychiatric patients from Khonkhean federal prison and other prisons.
6. Diagnosed and treatment services, opinions or recommendations for legal principles relating to psychiatric disorders. Agencies and to general public.
7. The documents related to of Laws Psychiatry. And coordination with the relevant authorities. Both within and external the hospital.

Department of Technical Services Duties and responsibilities.

1. Provide laboratory analysis the specimens lab Technical of Medical.
2. Provide of medical radiology services.
3. Provide special services, ultrasound the wave including cerebral and cardiac.
4. Quality control provide standards required by of the profession organization.

Group of dental Duties and responsibilities.


1. Dental services in the diagnosis for therapy the patients contains psychiatric and mental health problems, Including general public.
2. The promote the protection and restoration oral hygiene services. To dental hygiene. Guidelines for the treatment. For individual and groups.
3. Guidance counselor, dental hygiene problem. Guidelines for the treatment. promotes prevention, persons with psychiatric and mental health problems Including the general public.
4. Development quality service, Dental academic. Such as the publish documents of academic dental research.
5. Management groups in coordination with agencies. Within the hospital, and other organizations. Parties involved in treatment of services. Promotes prevention, academic administration,  for operations of goals and policies.

Department Rehabilitation  Duties and responsibilities.


1. Responsible for the Rehabilitation services.
2. Assessment controls overseen planned.
3. Development of the personnel the rehabilitation.
4. Published of knowledge in the field rehabilitation.
5. Liaise both external and internal the hospital.

The alternative medical Duties and responsibilities

The departments provides counseling and relaxation. Thailand massage and health consultation by phone. With a focus on Service recipients with fast, accurate, secure and meets all requirements are satisfied as follow as :
1. Provide Consultant Service and relaxation. Service recipients with mental health problems associated with social and family problems, of health problems, etc.
2. Health Service recipients provide (inpatient) to the general public. And personnel of the hospital. With fitness equipment and Exercise outdoors activities (aerobics).
3. Thailand gives massage services to relieve stressful in Service recipients with pains and aches problems. Muscle tension of stress or fatigue.
4. Provide Consultant Service by telephone. Service recipients need to make decisions quickly. Services include a hotline for mental health services in 1323 or 1667, and General Counsel. The service inquiries. Etc..
5. The training or rehabilitation. Knowledge about counseling / relaxation to personnel in the hospital. And the general public.
6. Support for training workshops. Special lecture. Knowledge about the services. Of the alternative medicine.
7. Develop and improve service quality. And standards of Hospital and Medical Centers (Supra Tertiary).
8. Research development specialist the knowledge. Advisor services.
9. Support the source Practical work associated Government funded Project and programs.

The psychosocial treatment Duties and responsibilities.

1. Provide treatment and rehabilitation of persons with social and psychological problems, substance abuse alcohol and cigarettes.
2.Study of the knowledge and technology research, development therapies and rehabilitation of persons with mental the social Problem with substance abuse alcohol and cigarettes.
3. Supported knowledge and technology transfer treatment and rehabilitation for people who have psychological the social Problem with substance abuse alcohol and cigarettes.

Electroplating service maintains Duties and responsibilities.

1. Therapies by electrical services.
2. Develop procedures and standards supervision for patients who have been treatment with electric.
3.The development and transfer of knowledge. Provide technological support. Information Technology for people who works or Education related organizations.
4.Manage resources and to maintain provides the quality and sufficient used.

Team of Medical Duties and responsibilities.

1.Responsibility for medical services.
2.Planning, control overseen and evaluated for the operation.
3. Encouraging of personnel in works group be trained to enhance knowledge in the field of medicine.
4.In medical to disseminate knowledge related mental health and psychiatric.
5.Liaise Both within and external hospital.

Nursing department Duties and responsibilities.


1.( Management)

1. Nursing adminstration standards set the direction.
2. Human resources to support provide sufficient to Nursing Services.
3.Material and equipment management of equipment are available and sufficient demand. Including the storage and spending of maintenance.
4. Environmental stewardship to conducive to therapies patients.
5. Determine communication system, and informs is writing notification.
6.Nursing care of for welfare are provided to officers all.

2.( Services and Quality)

1. Control and supervision and quality of Nursing. Emphasis on patient-centered.
2. Quality inspection service and evaluate the quality of Nursing
3. Nursing service system from the beginning to get the sales.
4.Handbook to Nursing administration. The perform of nursing and quality documentation. And perform periodically updated.
5. Risk Management Nursing.
6. Operations Support development of quality and management of of knowledge.

3. ( Academic)

1.The development the nursing personnel which that are available and services to provide academically services.
2. Promotes the researching and support for researching. And result to apply of nursing research in nursing of.
3. Human resource development the academic readiness. By training further study in both the short and long term. A study trip and seminar participants audience special lecture and scholarly.
4. Provide counsel. And validate the of academic presentation if research. 
To get to a higher position.
5. Personnel transferring knowledge to students and the public relevant departments. Both government and private.
6. Orientation and training of Nurse Students of various educational institutions

4.( Mental health and a psychiatric communities)

1. Support the promotion of the rehabilitation treatment patients with in psychiatric health. In Provincial of responsibility.
2. Supported Development Network. Patients in psychiatric performance in the Responsible Area.
3. Supervising controller. Networks operating to mental health and a psychiatric mental health services in responsibility communities.
4. Supported of service that in communities mental Wellness the crisis.

Mental health crisis centers Duties and responsibilities.

1. Development of services. And promote the exchanges of knowledge. And experience in mental health the crisis.
2. Networks to coordinated assistance.
3. Organized a training to develop capabilities. Personnel to operating the work.
4. Published of mental health critical center services to the general public.
5. Telephone consultation center with a mental health condition. Or authorities to assist the individual in the crisis.
6. Participate as a team, in the performance situations. And urgency. Or according to assigned.

Inpatient Care in

The patients who admitted in the hospital. Providing treatment. Medical and psychosocial rehabilitation. For people with mental health problems and serious a psychiatric complications.
The buildings as follows all 5 patients.

Feang Fa  Building

Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Especially in patients who have aggressive behavior.
(Total 88 Beds)

Feaung-Fha Building

Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Especially  in with all kinds of alcohol.
(Total 88 Beds)

Fay-Kham Building

Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Male a psychiatric patients   especially those who are at risk for committed suicide.( Total 88 Beds)

Si Tung  Building

Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Who have mental health problems.
( Total 88 Beds)


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