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Postdate : 2015-02-10

Inpatient Care in The patients who admitted in the hospital. Providing treatment. Medical and psychosocial rehabilitation. For people with mental health problems and serious a psychiatric complications. The buildings as follows all 5 patients.


 Chong Ko Building

Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Especially in patients who have aggressive behavior(Total 88 Beds)

Si Tung Building
Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Who have mental health problems( Total 88 Beds) 


Feaung-Fha Building
Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Especially in with all kinds of alcohol(Total 88 Beds)

Fay-Kham Building
Patients a psychiatric care for a patient in Male a psychiatric patients especially those who are at risk for committed suicide.

( Total 88 Beds)

Contact for detail in thais website.

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