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1.  Study, analysis and research to develop standards, knowledge and technology, including the pattern for providing mental health and psychiatric services.

          2.  Promote, develop, transfer special knowledge and technology in mental health and psychiatric aspects to related agencies, both public and private sector.

          3. Provide diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for severe mental health problems,   complex to develop specialized mental health and psychiatry.

          4.  Work in conjunction with, or support the work of other related agencies , or that has been assigned.

          * According to the duties and tasks within the Agency under the Department of Mental Health in January 2003 from the Mini sterial Regulations  of the Department of Mental Health,  Ministry of health,


B.E. 2545

Khon Kean Psychiatric Hospital Rachanakharin as specialized hospital  are responsible for to treat psychosis. Neuropathy Prevention and promote the public health. Especially in Northeastern Region District 6 as a consultant. Institutionalized that provides technical training classes to the Hospital.


Regional agency of the Ministry of Health. And as a location for the teaching of psychiatry neurology training to students, teachers, social workers, students, etc. The major policy. Public access is fast and thorough.

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