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Postdate : 2016-02-04



 The original Profile Psychiatrist Hospital Khon Kean Rachanakharin , Division of Mental Health , Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Program it established by the Economic Development Plan year B.E. 2507-2509 The Division psychiatric hospital for the purpose at that time as follow as :

1. Organized up once more Psychiatrist Hospital 1 place in the Northeastern Region at Khon Kean Province. The purpose to solve the problem about the mental increase moreover. Then Psychiatric Hospital not enough to service for the people who care more.

2. To institution that teaches Psychiatric neurology to medical students. Nursing students accordance with The Faculty of Medicine was established. And of Nursing. University of Khon Kaen. The planned economic development of Northeastern Region. Principle and Rationale Khon Kaen Psychiatric Hospital was built the intensive treatment. For psychiatric treatment to individuals. In Currently evolutionary intensive Healing to recover faster. And also used as a location to education Psychiatric to medical students. Students, teachers, nurses, social workers, and other professional. However, involved to the knowledge available to the public. Location Khon Kaen Psychiatric Hospital.


 Located in Muang district Chataphadung Rd is 700 meters opposite the road from Khon Kaen Kaen Hospital Yang Ta-Lad and maternal and child health centers Province. 2 kilometers away from the district center with an area of 47 rai 2 ngan 41 3/16 square meters. Size of Hospital The project the Khon Kaen Psychiatric Hospital. As hospitals intensive kinds treatment has the ability to treat patients in the present double beds for patients admitted in the bedding. Khon Kean Psychiatric Hospital Rachanakharin as specialized hospital Hospital are responsible for to treat psychosis. Neuropathy Prevention and promote the public health. Especially in Northeastern Region District 6 as a consultant Institutionalized that provides technical training classes to the Hospital Regional agency of the Ministry of Health. And as a location for the teaching of psychiatry neurology training to students, teachers, social workers, students, etc. The major policy. Public access is fast and thorough. Sequences building operations The Northeast region suburban development the project at Khon Kean Province . Ministry of Public Health has confirmed. The Hospital was established. The province. However, this project is on hold due to the state. Had more to do before the year B.E .2510, the Medical Director of Nova Sakonts Sopano Mental Hospital. To revive the was established. the psychiatric hospital.


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