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Postdate : 2016-02-06

medical Duties 

Department of Pharmacy Duties and responsibilities.
1. Provides pharmaceuticals care for the clients to be secure and quickly.
2. Management system medical supplies provide adequate, High quality and suitable on the context of the hospital.
3. Information, analysis and synthesize the Psychiatry drug information. Useful and distribution to clients.
4. Operation supported and coordination of pharmacy, with agencies both the government and private.
Department  of Laws Psychiatry Duties and responsibilities.
1. Provide treatment and diagnosis of the patient, Or suspected of patients with psychiatric disorders, whether the accused was the victim plaintiffs or defendants.
2. Testify with the inquiry official. Or testify as witness the court. About the patient.
3.  Provide therapy forensic psychiatric patients, according to the justice system department for treatment.
4. Provides therapy forensic psychiatric patients by order of the Court of due to secure procedures.
5. Provides therapy forensic psychiatric patients from Khonkhean federal prison and other prisons.
6. Diagnosed and treatment services, opinions or recommendations for legal principles relating to psychiatric disorders. Agencies and to general public.
7. The documents related to of Laws Psychiatry. And coordination with the relevant authorities. Both within and external the hospital.
Team of Medical Duties and responsibilities.
1.Responsibility for medical services.
2.Planning, control overseen and evaluated for the operation.
3. Encouraging of personnel in works group be trained to enhance knowledge in the field of medicine.
4.In medical to disseminate knowledge related mental health and psychiatric.
5.Liaise Both within and external hospital.

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